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This sealant is useful for many different jobs. Tacky black flexible mastic. Stays flexible for a long time even when exposed to sunlight. We had this compound tested for 2000 hours in a UV exposure chamber and it survived with little change in surface characteristics. In other words, its good stuff.

Primarily it is used under satellite antenna mounts when the securing lag screws need to be sealed from moisture penetration. That is the intended use, it can also be used to wrap around exposed low-voltage fittings and can be used to caulk around drilled holes to keep out bugs and moisture. It stays flexible for a long time and can later be removed if necessary.

Handy would be the word as it has many uses. Not an ‘adhesive’, more like a flexible caulking on a roll.

  • Flexible butyl rubber on a roll, used as a moisture sealant for lag screws
  • Can be used as a moisture barrier to protect low-voltage connectors
  • Flexible and durable
  • UV resistant
  • Tacky surfaces (we are talking REALLY tacky)
  • Seals up drilled holes
  • Many, many handy uses


SureSeal Compound 6 1/2" Wide x 10 FT ROLL

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